Understanding Systems Will Change Your Life


Everything is a system. Life is a system of systems of systems.

Think about it.

Everything comes about by a 1-2-3-4…progression of events. Everything abides by certain rules. 

I’ll give credit right here to Sam Carpenter for opening my eyes to this. His book Work the System red pilled me from thinking things were random, and that if God caused all the things, he did it in a way that was random to me.

But my eyes are open. Figure out what the system is, what the rules are, and tweak it along with all the other systems of your life. 

Consider the highway system. You’re on a four lane road, everyone is going the same way on your side. There are lines telling you where to be, there are rules you had to learn in order to be allowed to drive. There are consequences for breaking the rules, some severe–death, and some less severe–a traffic ticket. 

There are exit ramps, on ramps, and turn lanes. There are traffic lights and speed limits. Therefore, we are not constantly hurling our cars into one another all the time. 

But what about an accident?

It was a breakdown in the system. Someone broke a rule. 

In life, if you can figure out what the systems are, how they are broken, and then just get about fixing them one break at a time, and one system at a time (I recommend starting with the ones that are most important), everything changes. Life begins to make sense, and you start seeing the good things that come from being a good steward, that is, one who takes responsibility for what you’ve been given control over. This is truly living in focus. 


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